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    Application Resources

Precise Repeatable RF Measurements

                                    Application Presentation PDF

Test Fixture and Probe Station Manuals

LMS-2709 Manual

JR-2727 Manual                          JR-2745 Manual
JR-2727 Manual(print)

Adapter Substrate Application

Measuring PHEMT Transistors  

LRM Calibration with Microstrip Stds 

Measurement of Active and Passive Millimetre Wave Devices using Microstrip to Coplanar Line Transitions

Probe Station Application

Probe Card/Test Program Verification  

Calibration Substrate Reference

Calibration Kit Workbook (right click to download .zip cal files) 
HP8510C Files 0-20 GHz
HP8510C Files 0-40 GHz
HP8510C Files 0-80 GHz
Free Calibration Software for ANAs
Free Software from VNA Help

Productivity Notes

• Test Engineering Probe Card Test Program Checkout PN060513

PN060513 pdf file   

• Low Cost Fixture for Custom IC Checkout PN060606

PN060606 pdf file   

• Adjusting Z_Height and Probe Setup PN060818

PN060818 pdf file   

    Useful Industry Resources

Modelithics, Inc. - High Performance RF & Microwave Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE) Models and Custom Characterizations of Active and Passive Devices for S-Parameters, Non-Linearities, and Noise

GGB Industries  -  Probes for Anayltical, RF and Microwave Applications

C. W. Swift and Associates  -  Microwave Components Distributor (818) 989-1133

S.M. Electronics - Microwave Components Distributor



    University Resources

J microTechnology products are being used by universities worldwide. Some of these universities have internet sites that contain articles and presentations or offer research services of interest to our customers.

University of South Florida

University of Florida

University of Illinois

University of Mass

NC State University

Georgia Tech

San Diego State

Yale University - NanoElectronics

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