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Microstrip to CPW Adapter Substrates with MMIC

PP1003 used for
Transistor Test Module

Microstrip to CPW Adapter Substrates with Microwave Transistor

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CPW to Microstrip adapter substrates

Adapter Substrates for the precision test of microstrip components 

ProbePoint Adapter Substrates

 Introduction to Adapter Substrates

ProbePoint Adapters Substrates are used to create test fixtures that coplanar or coaxial microprobes, either Picoprobes from GGB Industries or ACP/FPC probes from Cascade Microtech, Inc (CMI), can be used to precisely make electrical measurements. Because of the precision and repeatibility of the adapter substrates and the availability of calibration substrates for direct calibration of the adapters, metrology grade measurements can be made to 60 GHz and above. This makes these adapter substrates a useful tool for engineers and scientist who characterize various microstrip and surface mount devices(SMD) for "wireless" and microwave circuit design and analysis. 

ProbePoint Adapter Substrates are thin film ceramic components available in three different thickness, 5 mil 10 mil and 15 mil. There are two styles of CPW-Microstrip adapter substrates. One style is uncompensated for wirebond inductance and is useful for device characterization (PP0503, PP1003, PP1503). A CPW-Microstrip adapter substrate with a capacitive stub to compensate for wire or ribbon bond inducatance is useful for the characterization of MMIC chips that typically would have compensation in the final packaged configuration. The MMIC can be measured in the same physical environment that it will be used. These are only available in 5 mil thickness (PP0513). An overview of the products is contained in the Introduction to Adapter Substrates. 

ProbePoint Microstrip Transmission Line Substrates are used for package characterization and interconnection of multichip MMIC devices. Standard and custom lengths up to .5" are available in either 5 or 10 mil thickness alumina. 0.1", 0.18", 0.25", 0.5" are available from stock. Custom lengths are three week delivery. 

Both standard and custom Calibration Standards available for SAW SMD packages. Replacement calibration substrates available for the repair of selected ICM fixtures. 

Data Sheets 5 mil    Data Sheets 10 mil    Data Sheets 15 mil

Data Sheet 5 mil with compensation

CPW-Microstrip-CPW Transmission Lines

Data Sheet Carriers

MicroStrip Lines

Microstrip Lines on 5 mil and 10 mil Alumina are available from J microTechnology, Inc. These lines are useful for chip to chip interconnection in both test circuits and small run production RF/microwave modules. 

Standard and custom Lengths are available from 50 mils to 500 mils.

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Test Cables

The highest quality test cables, competively priced - in stock. 

Constructed for 40 GHz, tested to 20 GHz, cables also available!

PP20-1          PP20-2.5    PP20-2.5
40 GHz-12"    40 GHz-30"   40 GHz-48"


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